Pain Relief

Clinical research has shown that the best pain management therapy focuses on lower back and neck pain. These muscles become tense by sitting at your computer or by a repetitive movement. They can be stiff if they lack activity. However in contrast, one can also experience strenuous pain during athletic activities which can cause pulled muscles and cramping.

With the assistance of our skilled massage therapist, we will be able to relieve these pains your body is undergoing. Whether you are an expectant mother in need of body relaxation to alleviate unbearable back pain or a client who has undergone surgery, our meticulous massage service is sure to reduce these tensions. With our pain relief services, we can help you increase joint flexibility, and lessen depression and anxiety, along with so much more!

Our massage therapist ensures that your body gains both physical and mental benefits of mind relaxation. If you are looking for a reputable pain management physician to ease the physical and mental bodily pains, contact Total Release Reflexology in Washington, DC today, and let the relaxation begin!